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Sheltered Rocks on the Menu!

I am finally getting a chance to update my oyster blog in this middle of this very hot and humid heat wave we are having. With temps in the 90's for 3 straight days now, it would be easy to forget how bitter cold this past winter was, except for the reminder that my oysters cages contain a lot less oysters. I think this past winter weather caused about 30+% mortality to my oysters. It's hard to tell exactly why or how many, but it's a lot! But this past winter was also the worst on record in a long time and no doubt very good for the dock builders who are still busy replacing ice damaged pilings. The silver lining is that it can't get much worse -- right? Knock on wood.

But things are going well now and I am proud to finally be able to sell oysters since they just reaching marketable sizes. The growth with this warm weather is amazing and I expect the oysters to get better and better. You can see the growth on the bills on the pic above (the light colored rims). They oysters are loving this weather.

So the big news for me as I said earlier, is finally delivering a product. Gratefully, I was able to hook up with a great restaurant on Shelter Island that has an awesome waterfront location -- Salt Waterfront Bar and Grill. Chef Darren has put my oysters -- Sheltered Rocks on the menu -- Thank you Darren! Sheltered Rocks is the new name for my oysters. The name comes from the history of calling Shelter Island 'The Rock' and it's also what oysters should sound and feel like as you cull. Salt, has such a cool vibe, has awesome seafood and now my oysters :). I'm hoping that the oysters are received well and I'm able to supply oysters there for many years to come. Stop by and check the place out and tell them I sent you!

That's a wrap for me as I finally complete my first year with oysters and start my first harvest. I have made a few mistakes and will make many more I am sure. Mother nature has tested my resolve and will no doubt continue too. But I am still at it and looking optimistically to the future!!

#oysters #saltrestaurant #oysterfarming

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